The Coolest Gyms in the US

Enitan Ekwotafia

September 21, 2022

Athletic Trainer

If you’re a fitness fanatic and looking for the best place to workout, consider visiting one of the coolest gyms in the US. Here are a few examples: Gold’s Gym, Crunch Fitness, and the East Coast Mecca of Bodybuilding. These gyms are packed with celebrity photos and boast free weights for every part of the body. Some even have a juice bar and a cardio studio.

David Barton’s gym

David Barton’s gym is a unique place to work out. The gym is situated in an old New York City building that was once an infamous nightclub. The design and equipment inside is truly state-of-the-art. You’ll find electrically flickering candles, an IMAX-like virtual reality spin studio, and even shelves of ceramic baby-doll heads that tumble down a wall. The club also features an app that allows members to customize their workouts based on their metabolic profiles.

Crunch Fitness

There are many cool features at Crunch Fitness, including personal training and proprietary classes. You can also expect a clean, modern environment and a wide range of fitness equipment. The gym is also fully equipped with showers and locker rooms. It provides sweat towels and free body wash and shampoo, as well as mouthwash and hairspray. The staff are dedicated to ensuring that members have an enjoyable experience.


The brand is built around science, travel, style and music. Its members share a unique bond and engage with each other while working out. This has helped the Equinox brand develop a global presence. The company also uses social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to reinforce the brand’s message. This strategy enables the brand to develop a strong connection with its members and create brand loyalty.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is one of the US’s most famous fitness centers. The first location opened in 1965, and the chain now serves over three million members across 38 states and 28 countries. The chain has a reputation for offering effective strength-building programs. In 2010, it was named the best gym in the world by Fitness Magazine, citing its availability of free weights, personal trainers, and innovative strength-building group exercise classes.

Wicker Park Fitness

Located in Chicago, Wicker Park Fitness boasts cardio and free weight machines, along with a variety of classes that range from yoga to pilates and boxing to high-intensity interval training. The gym also offers personal training for those looking to improve their fitness level. Reviews of Wicker Park Fitness state that the place is always clean and well-maintained.

RX Prime Fitness

Prime Fitness RX is a cutting-edge fitness facility with everything you need to keep fit and feel great. It offers multiple classes and has state-of-the-art equipment, including racquetball courts, handball courts, a full basketball court, and TRX. It also offers personal training with expert staff.

CrossFit Rehoboth Beach

If you’re looking for a gym that offers a killer workout and a community where everyone is supportive, Rehoboth Beach CrossFit is the place to go. This gym is located on Oyster House Road in the town of Rehoboth, Delaware, across the street from Arena’s and Big Fish Grill. It offers a modern, well-equipped gym and offers personalized training.

Courts Plus

If you’re looking for a gym that combines a great workout with a fun and unique atmosphere, Courts Plus is for you. The four-floor facility has everything from basketball courts to racquetball/wrestling courts, yoga studios and free weights. It’s even family-friendly, with a children’s playground and a young adult game room. It also boasts a 32-foot climbing wall. Members can take an orientation class before using this equipment, which includes instruction on safety.